E & S J Walpole Ltd provide a large variety of general haulage services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  Our customers range from large multinational companies to UK based companies, to small sole traders and farmers.

Photographed is one of our fleet of 30 articulated units.  All of the E & S J Walpole fleet are DAF vehicles.  All of our vehicles are Euro VI compliant and we have made significant investment in implementing a renewal policy to ensure that we are running a clean modern fleet suitable for the ULEZ.  We have ensured that the vast majority of our fleet are able to continue to go into London by investing in DVS standard cameras and warning alarms, and any other city which chooses to implement the same standards in the future.

All of our vehicles are live tracked, and have digital recording cameras so we are able to tell you where your product is at the click of a mouse.

Walpoles have a range curtain sided, flat bed and bulker trailers, allowing us to carry a variety of loads around the United Kingdom and Europe.  Our flat bed and curtain sided trailers are fitted with trailer mounted fork lifts, allowing us to offer a unique service to our customers (see the section on forklift assisted offload).

Over the past few years due to changing requirements of customers we have revamped a number of our trailers and purchased new trailers to allow us easier and safer access to urban areas.  These urban trailers shrink up from a standard length of 12 metres shrinking to 9 metres.