Sugar Beet

Being based in Norfolk, E & S J Walpole have always retained a close relationship with farmers in the region.  One of the companies prime activities is and always has been the haulage of sugar beet to Cantley, Wissington, and Bury factories.  Even as the business has grown in other areas we have remained dedicated to developing and servicing our core farm customers.

In the past few campaigns we have hauled hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sugar beet per year in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire.  We work closely with farmers, in addition to ensuring that the sugar beet is delivered on schedule we also ensure that the beet is harvested in accordance with the farmers harvesting schedules.  We work with the biggest farms in the region and the smallest farms in the region, every customer is treated equally.

We have gained sugar beet customers over the past few years due to our excellent and reliable service.  Walpoles haul sugar beet every day the factories accept sugar beet.  Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with the factories and a renowned reputation for the service that our team provides.  For us it is not simply getting the sugar beet to the factory as quickly as possible, but also ensuring that the haulage suits the farm and the farmer involved.

Over the past couple of years we have been part of the British Sugar haulage scheme.  Loading and delivering sugar beet into the factories as normal, but contracted to do so by British Sugar rather than the individual farm.  We are able to do this because of the excellent relationships we have in place with farmers around the region as well as British Sugar themselves.  Due to being part of the scheme, and delivering more beet over the past few campaigns we have been able to purchase additional bulker trailers, and vehicles with PTO pumps, as well as more up to date loading and cleaning equipment, which is beneficial to both British Sugar and our own customers.


In addition to sugar beet haulage, we also undertake a lot of work for Bernard Matthews and customers of Bernard Matthews.  This ranges from the moving of live and frozen turkeys, to the delivery of animal bedding and related products to their farms around the region.

Once again we see the benefits of having a forklift offload service, as Walpoles are able to deliver to farms, and put the bedding product in the exact location required by the customer.